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Welcome to Cryptotourism, a tourism guide for cryptography and its history. When complete, this guide should be able to answer question such as:

  1. I'm going on a business trip to Chicago; while I'm there, are there any places of interest with regards to cryptography?
  2. Where can I go to view an Enigma machine?

Currently, this wiki has not been publicised, although if you've stumbled across it, feel free to contribute. After I've done a little work seeding the wiki with a few basic articles and structure, I'll (User:Matt Crypto) publicise the Wiki to a few groups and people.


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Why start such a site?

One reason is that, in 2003, I (User:Matt Crypto) visited Chicago and had the chance to briefly visit the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. I had no idea, however, that the museum housed the U-505 and other material of interest in the history of cryptography; I managed to miss these exhibits altogether! I was quite disappointed to find out about it only later after my return to the UK.

Draft policies


Things to include:

  • Articles on museums which either focus on cryptography (e.g. National Cryptologic Museum, Bletchley Park) or which include items of interest in cryptography, e.g. Smithsonian, British Science Museum.
  • Locations of interest to cryptography; perhaps things like the birthplace of Alan Turing, memorials to cryptographers, current and past headquarters of crypto agencies, undeciphered inscriptions, and so on.
  • Handy general information about a location (how to get there, opening times, prices, etc.)
  • More specific information about the cryptographic aspects of a location.
  • Photographs of the various locations.
  • "Index articles" — for example, an Enigma article should list locations of viewable Enigma machines; the United Kingdom article should list all the interesting locations within the UK, and so forth.

Things to exclude:

  • Detailed information about cryptography or its history; this is better handled by Wikipedia. At the start of an article, a couple of sentences introducing the topic should suffice.
  • Guides to places or museums outside of the scope of cryptography; this is better handled by Wikitravel.


  • If available, a link to appropriate Wikipedia or WikiTravel articles should be provided after the headword; such as: "United Kingdom (Wikipedia) (Wikitravel)..."
  • We want to keep the wiki up to date, as, for example, a museum might move a collection into archive storage for a while and so on. For this reason, it's a good idea to date reports so a reader can know how fresh the information is.

This page is part of Cryptotourism, a collaborative project to build a guide about museums and other locations of interest for cryptography and its history.
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